My Girl Tessie, Circa Age 3

For those of you who do not know – this is my beautiful, smart, funny, energetic daughter Tess. This photo was taken at my old home studio in Wakefield, RI when Tess was around three years old (two and a half years ago to be exact). I remember this day like it was yesterday, I had planned a photo shoot with Tess and her buddy Owen, my friend Kristin’s older son. The day before Tess acquired a massive scratch above her right eye and all I could think about was “Oh jeez! Now I have to edit that out of EVERY PHOTO. Oh the joys of being a perfectionist!

Tess and Owen were a riot. The lights in the studio were somewhat of a distraction at first, but then Kristin stepped in and got them to sit somewhat still. I was able to capture some cute interactions and funny expressions from both. My absolute favorite look to catch my daughter making is the “serious face”. She is such a happy kid, smiling all the time – it is rare to see her look so pensive. As much as I like the happy side – I LIVE for the serious side. It is crazy entertaining for me.

I think back to these times and smile – getting her to sit still was an impossible task. Sometimes still is. But now at the age of five, she can take direction and somewhat listens, so the posing comes a little easier. And with that being said I think it is time for a new session with my favorite model!

A family photo session with Tessie, taken in Wakefield, RI. A photo session with Owen riding a rocking horse taken in Wakefield, RI. Tessie, a young toddler, posing in a box for a family photograph captured by Heather Webster in Wakefield, RI. A family photo session with Tessie riding a rocking horse taken in Wakefield, RI. A family photo session with little girl Tessie, riding a rocking horse with a very serious look on her face taken in Wakefield, RI.

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