Head shot of Heather Webster taken by Brad Smith in Providence, RI.

Hello there! I’m Heather – photographer and hard-working mom. For as long as I can remember, photography has been my passion. When I am behind my camera I feel the most inspired and whole. The world, in itself, is a beautifully wonderful and magical place just waiting to be captured.

With the birth of my daughter, I realized once again just how amazing photographs can be. As she grows, the change is palpable and each day could be entirely different from the next. By taking the time to capture these moments, I am documenting this amazing transformation to cherish forever.

My goal, as a photographer, is to create this wonderfully documented experience for each of my clients. I want you to feel as if I have captured exactly what you see in the way you envisioned it.

Feel free to contact me and I look forward to capturing those special moments!


Phone: 401.207.9697