Brady the Rescue Pup

Picture this – Christmas 2013. My boyfriend John wanted to give his kids the ultimate of gifts – a puppy for Christmas. Scratch that – what I really meant to say was – SANTA wanted to give the kids a puppy. John was struggling to find a mixed breed bulldog so close to Christmas. So I jumped on the dreaded Facebook to see if we could find exactly, or come close, to what he was looking for. Luck would have it that I found a rescue group in Johnston – saving puppies and dogs from kill shelters in the south. The owner sent me numerous photos, but alas, no bulldog pups. In a last-ditch effort, she sent a photo of this guy:

Handsome pit bull puppy photo session with Brady in Narragansett, RI.

Not a bulldog, but damn cute. I mean ridiculously, insanely, outrageously cute. John immediately went up to meet the puppy, we now refer to as Brady. As a puppy his ears were too big for his body, he was at my heels every second and had the most amazingly beautiful eyes. Breathtaking. Still does. Brady has never fully lost his puppy ways and try with consistency to be a giant lap dog. He lumbers awkwardly (he is still all gangly and leggy) onto the couch and looks me square in the face with those striking and sparkly green eyes.

Photographing animals, especial dogs, is a very big treat for me. Honestly, sometimes animals are more relatable to me than people. Sometimes. Chasing after puppies, dogs, and sometimes horses, can be parallel to chasing after a two or three-year old. Their attention span is minimal and a lot of distractions take away from the camera. I love the challenge and the licks. If the toddlers licked me that would be weird. When the dogs do – well, not so weird.

Seems as if Brady is a perfect mix of Pittbull and Vizsla. When he was a pup and I would walk him, some people would shy away because of his Pittbull resemblance. It is such a shame that the breed gets such a bad rap – it’s not the dog, it is the training. Brady is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle, loving, silly, handsome, awkward and snuggly dog I know. I’ve always been more partial to the smaller breeds, 20 lbs and under and hypoallergenic. But Brady – dear sweet Brady – I would steal in a heartbeat.

And if John would just not notice I definitely would.


A photo session with handsome dog, Brady taken in Narragansett, RI.

A puppy portrait session with Brady in Narragansett, RI.

Brady the handsome dog getting a good stretch during a photo session in Narragansett, RI.